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Chin Augmentation

This procedure is designed to correct the problems of the “weak” or receding chin. Often this is performed as a stand alone procedure. It is also frequently performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty surgery to create a balance between the chin and other facial features giving the face better harmony.

Chin augmentation is a popular procedure to provide increasing definition to the structure of the jaw. It is performed through an incision inside the mouth to maximise concealment. The augmentation is performed onto bone, providing a deep, solid structural enhancement which does not absorb over time.

Chin augmentationAn implant is inserted into a pocket created between the soft tissues of the chin and the jaw bone either through an incision in the mouth or by way of a small incision under the chin.

The use of an implant is suitable in patients with a receding chin where they have a normal dental bite. In patients with significant malocclusion problems it may be more appropriate to consider orthodontic work to adjust the length of the bone of the lower jaw itself. In this situation I will refer you to a maxillo-facial colleague for an opinion.

Chin augmentationThis surgery can be performed under local anaesthesia in our onsite theatre facility at approximately half the cost of inpatient care. I will discuss this option with you at your consultation. 

After surgery you will have a more balanced profile and a pleasing facial contour.

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Chin Augmentation Before and After pictures.

In all patients there is an initial swelling, but usually by 1 to 2 weeks most patients are out and about with confidence. Bleeding and infection can occur in every surgery and may require treatment with antibiotics. Rarely the augmentation material may need to be removed.

After surgery the mouth incisions need to be cared for. Do not chew food which may irritate these areas and a gentle mouthwash with either salt water or a gargle can be useful every 4 to 6 hours. A soft diet is sensible for a week.

Read the Chin Augmentation Advice Sheet.

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